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S 803
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S 803

Полочные акустические системы
Jamo S 803

В отличии от многих систем полочного типа, Jamo S 803 способен не только воспроизводить качественный стерео звук но и располагает запатентованными крепежами на корпусе для улучшенной интеграции с моделью S8 ATM, позволяя получить эффект Dolby Atmos.
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The new Jamo Studio 8 series has been completely reimagined to live seamlessly in modern, premium environments. Contemporary material and finish choices accentuate the clean, minimalist lines of this European design, while the compact cabinet designs are an ideal solution for urban living environments around the world.


The 1” soft dome tweeter provides smooth, refined high frequencies, with a 5” polyfiber woofer for balanced, cinematic low end. The integrated WaveGuide focuses the high frequency sound for dynamic, true-to-life reproduction, while the front-firing tube port allows for better low frequency extension with placement flexibility.


 Elegant metal fasteners atop the cabinet provide a chic, modern industrial look, but also serve as a connection point for the S 8 ATM Dolby Atmos elevation speaker. This patentpending design allows for all of the wire connections on the back of the floorstander, avoiding unsightly and messy speaker wire going all the way up to the Atmos module - for cinematic, completely immersive Dolby Atmos® sound while preserving the beautiful aesthetic of the Jamo Studio 8 Series.


Основные особенности

  • Dolby Atmos ready
  • Patent-pending seamless fastening system
  • Elegant, contemporary design
  • Black, Walnut and White finishes
  • WaveGuide acoustic technology
  • 25mm (1") soft dome tweeter
  • 127mm (5”) Polyfiber Woofers


Основные характеристики

Frequency Response    57Hz - 26kHz (+/- 3dB)
Sensitivity    87dB (2.83V @ 1m)
Power Handling    80W / 160W
Impedance    8 Ohm
High Frequency Driver    25mm (1”) Soft Dome Tweeter
Low Frequency Driver    127mm (5”) Polyfiber Woofer
Crossover Frequency    2kHz
Speaker Enclosure    MDF
Enclosure Type    Bass Reflex via Front Firing Slot Port
Inputs    Single Binding Posts (Main / Height)
Finish    Black, Walnut, White
Dimensions    353mm x 191mm x 252mm 13.90” x 7.52” x 9.92”
Features:    Dolby Atmos Ready Connections Points, 1 Aluminized Polyfiber Woofers,1 Soft Dome Tweeter

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